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Upcycled Grain Project 
Social Animation


Motion For Mobile

Rutherford & Meyer



Product Type

Social Animation 

My Role

Graphic Design

2D Animator

Audio Editor

1-minute animations to present Upcycled Grain Project, a cracker brand from Rutherford & Meyer.

The animations are designed to cater for social media ads, with short, dynamic animation, aiming to focus on the products, its benefits, and highlight the brand.  The client also wants to emphasis a bit more the making process and the 'recycling' origin of the ingredients, which we incorporated into our animation in a light and informative way. 

Creative, Sustainable and Youthful are the main keywords that the client highlights in this animation product. Working with a designer and a 3D animator, I successfully deliver a product that resonates well with the brand's message. 



Using the brand's existing assets, our designer and I created a very comprehensive storyboard for the animation. 

We aim to break the structure of the video into smaller sector, where the client can then re edit and mix and match them together for some smaller videos. 

One of the challenges in the design phase is we want it to be adaptable to 16x9 (Landscape), 9x16 (Portrait) and 1x1 (Square) dimensions. 

RAM001UGP Visual Frame_30 Seconds_v06_SN.jpg


We built the boxes in cinema 4D and animated them. This help elevated the opening shot significantly compare to using 2D assets. Combining with the simple but delightful and dynamic 2D animation, we were able to deliver a product that satisfied all the client needs and expectations.

Since we considered different formats during the design phase, adapting the animation into different dimensions got way faster and easier. 

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