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Tikipunk Trilogy


Tikipunk studio

Product Type

2-minute frame by frame animations



My role


2D Animator

Lead Lineart artist

In collaboration with Tikipunk Studios, Fox&Co Design team were briefed to produce a 3-part animated series for the Ministry of Youth Development. Each episode was completed within 10-12 weeks. 


With each new episode, the animated videos were produced as part of a project aimed at Māori and Pasifika youth - addressing various important social issues. The topics covered messages encouraging youths to get vaccinated against Covid-19, focus on their mental health and wellbeing and lastly standing up against bullying.

The action-packed 2D animated series was created in Adobe Animate, After Effects and cel animation in Toon Boom Harmony.

 We looked to Studio Ghibli as a source of stylistic inspiration for the team. We’re all huge fans of the studio’s work and their ability to allow the viewer to become fully immersed in the fantastical, visually-stunning worlds, while also carrying a beautiful and poignant narrative.

In this project, I took part in storyboarding, character and animation concepting and character animating. I work closely under the art director and the lead animator to refine the craft and had a chance to take the lead on line work and lighting. Overall, as a team, we create and perfect a great workflow for these 2D frame-by-frame projects, which really helps us accommodate the quick turnaround timeline. 


TPS003_Tikipunk Ep1_Storyboard_Casestudy.png


First episode in the trilogy, raises awareness about COVID-19 and encourages Māori and Pasifika youths to get vaccinated.

I was the storyboard artist on this episode. The client provide us the script and from that I sketch out the storyboards, layout shots and composition.

The team later would revise the script based on this storyboard layout to see how they can make it fits the timeframe and how we can proceed into production. 

TPS003_Tikipunk Ep3_Storyboard_Casestudy.png


In this episode, we highlight bullying among youth, and suggest relying on their friends and community to support them in standing up against bullies.

 The client wants an episode packed with dynamic action shots, so we accommodate that into our basketball animation As the storyboard artist, I drew my inspiration from Japanese sports anime like Slam Dunk and Kuroko no Basket to help me find a good approach to storyboarding out the action scene to make it more dynamics within our animation capacity.


TK_BGArtboard 7.jpg
TK_BGArtboard 5.jpg
TK_BGArtboard 6.jpg
TK_BGArtboard 12.jpg
TK_BGArtboard 1.jpg
TK_BGArtboard 2.jpg
TK_BGArtboard 3.jpg


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