Wellington, New Zealand


What is Neocense

A 2D isometric puzzle game where you exploring the world Cha as Amori, who was an ability to see human and spirit realms. You roaming around the world, solving puzzles, combating against the Hunter with a mysterious mission. 

Role: Lead 2D artist - Co-Art Director 
Duration of Project: 24 weeks
Team Size: 9
Platform: PC
Software Used: Photoshop, Trello

About my role

As the lead 2D artist and co-Art director of the game, my responsibility are deciding the art direction, the style, colour palette and the overall aesthetic for the project. I did research, created moodboard, storyboard and conceptualise for the isometric early prototype. During the production phase, I rendered the 2D game assets, illustrated for the game narrative scene and the cinematic cutscene. I also took part in the quality control to make sure other artists in the team produce works that suitable for the game artistic vision. 

Some early character concept

Below is my work process on conceptualising the main character and her props, and rendering all of them in 2D isometric angles


Wheelchair design


Final in-game asset

perspective test small.png
Amori Avatar.png

Environment / NPCs / Game Object asset

I worked with the game designer and the writer of the team to design the props, game objects. I also work with other artists to refine the works and polish the asset and the scene. Below is some of the asset that I painted for the game. 

Illustrations and cutscenes

I'm also responsible for creating illustration work and cutscene for the game. Those illustrations took part as one of the mini-puzzle in the game, where the players have to rearrange pieces of hexagons to complete an image. Then we have the cinematic cutscene where we show the narrative in a brief and informative way.