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Fox and Co
6th Birthday
Anniversary Animation


Fox and Co. Design



Product Type

Social Animation 

My Role

Art Director


2D Animator

Audio Editor

A short animation for social media to celebrate Fox and Co. design turning 6 in 2021. The whole production was done within 2 weeks by a collaborative group of 2 animators and a 3D modeller.

Being the creative lead in this project, I had so much fun playing with the visuals and concepts for this piece. 

I'm the art director and 2D animator for this short piece. With the help from the creative director, I took the lead on defining the visual for the animation.

I work collaboratively with another 2D animator to create the storyboards, and then proceed to do the styleframes to develop the look and feel. We then have a 3D modeller to help us model the character based on my concepts, and finish the 3D composition with our 3D animator. I also the one who mix the music and comp the whole piece together. 


StyleframeArtboard 1.jpg
Artboard 9.png
StyleframeArtboard 4.jpg
StyleframeArtboard 2.jpg


Screenshot 2022-09-07 205848.png
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