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Eden Juice 
Social Animation


Motion For Mobile

Eden Juice



Product Type

Social Animation 

My Role

Graphic Design

2D Animator

Audio Editor

Short animations to present Eden Cherry Juice, a product from Eden Orchard. 

The animations are designed to cater for social media ads, with short, dynamic animation, aiming to focus on the products, its benefits and highlight the brand. 

A fun motion graphic project in which I took part from designing to motion designing. Working with a senior graphic designer and a 3D animator, we have successfully delivered a product that satisfies the client's visions and also works for their business. 


Working with a senior designer, I was tasked with exploring the visuals and developing the storyboard for the client. 

One of the challenges in the design phase is we want it to be adaptable to 16x9 (Landscape), 9x16 (Portrait) and 1x1 (Square) dimensions. 

Using the brand's existing assets and design material, I created 3 initial storyboards: 

EOJ001 Framework Presentation Opt A.jpg
EOJ001 Framework Presentation Opt B.jpg
EOJ001 Framework Presentation Opt C.jpg


However, the client got back to us asking to elevate the look and feel of the brand to something more luxurious, as they looking to target more sophisticated audiences.

Due to the scope and the timeline, we need to find some solutions within our current brand assets. We then came up with using 3D background to create more depth to the design. 

The client was really impressed of the changes in direction. They ended up choosing the red background for the final design. 

EOJ001 Framework Presentation v02_EOJ001 Framework Presentation Opt A.jpg
EOJ001 Framework Presentation v02_EOJ001 Framework Presentation Opt B.jpg


Now here is the fun part. Working with a 3D animator, we animated the bottle spinning, and rolling in Cinema 4D, and then comped in the text animations using After Effects. 

Since we considered different formats during the design phase, adapting the animation into different dimensions got way faster and easier. 

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